1. Dance Theatre: Tiger & Tiger Tale (UK)
    1. Time:29 Nov. 2019 (Fri.) 7:30pm 30 Nov.(Sat.) 10:00am 3:00pm
      Location:Experimental Theatre, Guangzhou Opera House
      Ticket price:218
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    Performance language: no language
    Performance duration: 66 minutes (tiger), 56 minutes (tiger tale)
    Suitable age: above 5 years old
  • Tiger
    When a tiger invades a troubled family’s world is launched into chaos. This insightful story of family relationships is emotionally charged but brilliantly comic. The thrilling dancing, evocative music and impressive set unleashes the tiger in exciting and unexpected ways.

    Tiger take you on a sensory adventure. Up close to the action the audience surround the family’s home as it is transformed from a sterile space into a shifting world of live sound, colour and explosive movement.
    Tiger Tale  Ages 7+. 
    Something wild is prowling. She can hear it through her bedroom walls, but her mum and dad seem stuck in the dull routines of their everyday lives. Until one day the wild breaks in and everything changes. 

    A troubled family’s world turns upside down when a tiger invades. It’s chaotic, it’s dangerous but brilliantly funny as the tiger reignites the family’s love for one another. With captivating dancers enjoy the thrill of sitting right up close to the action and the chance to explore the set at the end
    What the press are saying
    “Tiger and Tiger Tale is a magical dramatization and a modern metaphor for the dual nature of human beings. Go wild and catch it somewhere!”
    ★★★★★- Edinburgh Guide
    "Kim Moore’s live sound and music gives the Tiger a vocal presence while enhancing the big emotional engagement of both pieces"
    ★★★★★- The Stage
    “enthralling and enchanting… One word describes the experience. Joyous.”
    ★★★★★- Dublin Examiner